It's a beautiful LYFE

Yogis, if you live in Chicago and haven't been to LYFE Kitchen yet, GO! If you've already been, GO BACK! This place is absolutely amazing and never disappoints no matter how many times you go. 

LYFE Kitchen makes being vegan SO gosh darn easy, because they offer a separate Vegan Menu! Now, I'm not talking "we have a Vegan Menu" when really it's one or two items without cheese. No no, I'm talking a big, fat, legit vegan menu FULL of your favorite dishes. They even have a separate Gluten-Free Menu too! Wait, there's more. They also offer a couple vegan breakfast dishes, out-of-control LYFE Waters, vegan desserts, and...serve alcohol!?! [loud crazy screams] 

You can't get much more fabulous than that. 

I honestly love so many of their dishes so it's really hard to pick a favorite. However, if I had to pick which were my top favorites, well now, that's easy. ;) 

1. Vegan Grilled Artichokes w/caper aioli (aka- slap me, I'm dreaming) 
2. Vegan Unfried Buffalo Gardein Chick'n Strips 
3. Vegan Thai Curry Bowl
4. Tofu Tacos
5. Chocolate Budino (dessert) 
6. Ginger Mint Chia (LYFE Water) 

There's still tons of vegan dishes I haven't tried from this menu, but the good news is, there's no rush. LYFE Kitchen is going to be around for a very long time. They are even expanding to more awesome neighborhoods and cities across the country making healthy, fresh food accessible to everyone (well almost for now). Say goodbye to factory-food and hello to LYFE. :) 

PS- A big thank you to Brinker for the amazing menu tour! 

LYFE Kitchen
413 North Clark Street
Chicago, IL, 60654