CrossTown Fitness

A couple weeks ago I was invited to CrossTown Fitness in the West Loop for a "50-Minute Total Body TRX Workout". I'm all about keeping a workout fresh, but I gotta admit, I was a bit nervous since I've never taken a true interval class before.

Turns-out I had nothing to be nervous about. Betina Gozo (our awesome instructor) offered super challenging intervals that woke up muscles I forgot I had!? Right when I felt like I was working a certain muscle group to it's max, it was time to switch to another interval. Class was honestly a blast and the "50-minutes" flew by!

Once class ended, we were treated to some lovely bites from KitchFix and juice from Naked Juice. I'm telling ya, I walked out of CTF feeling 100% awesome and pumped to have tried something new. Well...I'm going to stop there and save you from the rest of the story where I tell you how freakn sore I was for the next 2 days!!! I can't remember the last time a workout left me that sore. Now I get where "total body workout" comes from. I was literally like an old lady trying to move about. Just when you think you're in shape, you're not

Have a great week yogi's! 

PS- In addition to offering yoga (love it), CTF also offers FREE Nike Training Club Community Classes! Ooh la la. Get on that yogi. ;) 

CrossTown Fitness
1031 West Madison St.
Chicago, IL 60607