Like most vegans, I'm a sucker for food documentaries. My personal journey began after attending a Free Info Seminar with Karyn Calabrese in January 2012. At the time I didn't know who the heck Karyn Calabrese was or why the hell anyone would stop eating dairy- especially cheese. [crazy face] 

At the end of her very informative seminar, Karyn asked everyone to do 2 things: 1. cut out meat & dairy and 2. watch the Forks Over Knives documentary. Since I had no interest in cutting cheese from my diet (I was pretty much obsessed), I decided #2 was something I could do. 

I'm sure you can guess what happened after I watched the documentary. Let's just say I owe Karyn and the great folks behind Forks Over Knives for opening my eyes and transforming my life. 

Every time I watch a food movie, I feel like I've just learned a secret, but for some reason, it's a secret most Americans don't seem to care about. If you are like me and love yourself a good food documentary, get very excited for Michal Siewierski’s new documentary, Food Choices

Michal Siewierski is funding this film on his own, but needs help with the rest. Please visit his website and donate if you are interested in contributing to a film that will help millions of people improve their lives and...their health! 

Have a wonderful day yogi's!

PS- Beyond excited my new & dear plant-y friend Jessica Murnane (from One Part Plant) will be featured in the film!