BIG Star- big Chicago favorite

There are plenty of reasons why Big Star is a BIG favorite when it comes to killer tacos in Chicago! Even on a gloomy Sunday afternoon, their patio is packed.

Since Big Star doesn't have vegan tacos on the menu, I customized the 3 vegetarian tacos they do offer (Taco de Papas con Rajas, Tostada de Hongos, Tostada de Zanahorias) and ordered them without cheese. Guurrl please!!

Would love Big Star to add a couple vegan tacos to their menu. They already have so many wonderful ingredients from the vegetarian and meaty tacos (grilled pineapple!?), it wouldn't take much work and would attract a whole new crowd. [plant-based dreaming]

Have a great day yogi's.

PS- Loved their bad ass Sunday DJ. Felt like a Motown marathon.