Vegan Chilaquiles at Marmalade

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw the picture I posted (similar to above) of the Vegan Chilaquiles I had at Marmalade restaurant on Montrose-OH MY LAWRD!!! This dish is beyond delicious and makes ordering vegan breakfast EASY! I love the fact that Marmalade chose to offer a unique vegan breakfast dish like Vegan Chilaquiles vs the typical "Tofu Scramble" you see on everyone else's menu. 

Something else I really like about Marmalade is how perfectly they communicate which dishes are vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free. Every restaurant should follow this simple style so their hungry patrons don't have to visually dissect the menu. Now, lets just keep our fingers crossed that they add more vegan options to their lunch menu. I'm sure when they do, it'll be something just as unique and delicious. 

Have a great day yogi's and Happy Friday!! 
  PS- This post inspired me to update my Let's Eat page. Notice the difference? :)

Marmalade Restaurant
1969 West Montrose Avenue, Chicago IL 60613