Northdown Taproom Vegan

Northdown Taproom is the perfect place to take a friend who wants "vegan bar food", a large beer selection, and some flat screen tv's. 

The "Vegan Pork Frites" (pic below) were damn good and paired well with a big fat glass of beer. This is an appetizer everyone at the table will love! If you aren't into seitan, I'd skip this item. 

My hubby ordered the "Vegan Pork Slaw" (pic below) and as you can tell, it was very filling. Another item that paired very well with beer. 

I ordered the "Quinoa & Grilled Vegetables with Tofu", but was pretty disappointed by the lack of flavor. It tasted like vegetables on a bed of quinoa and that's it. No light sauce or additional flavoring. Nada. Please note I am not a food critic, I just eat a LARGE amount of vegan food at bars and restaurants so I feel my street credit is worth something when it comes to sharing feedback. ;) Long story short, I would skip ordering this item. 

There are plenty of other vegan items on this menu I still need to try so I'll be back to Northdown this summer and will update this post.  

Have a great day yogi's!