Viva Las Vegas

If you didn't read my posts about the Wynn, click here and here. Still blown away by all the vegan menus at this hotel. My favorite dish (probably because I love Asian food) hands down was the Vegan Drunken Noodles at Wazuzu in Encore. Insane In The Membrane

It's pretty easy to forget Vegas is in the middle of the desert- unless you go in August. I was lucky enough to get a quick tour of Red Rocks and absorb some much needed nature. ;) Let me tell you, the fresh air was amazing and the sights were absolutely stunning. 

Not only did I find "well it's one for the money", I also got him to strike a pose for my blog. BAM Elvis-Vrksasana! Elvis will always be the man. ;) 

I ran my tank straight empty within the first 24 hours of being in Vegas and it felt like my insides were mad at me. There was plenty of reason for me to take advantage of the weather in Vegas and so I decided to skip a yoga class indoors and instead enjoy a lovely walk down the strip. While on my walk, I took a quick detour into Walgreen's (one right by the Venetian) to grab cash and something to drink. I about died when I walked in and saw a juice bar! Um, yea, a freakn legit juice bar- Vitamixes and all. There was NO hesitation, I ran right over and ordered myself the largest green looking fatty on the menu. What a reboot and it didn't break the bank ($5). Mini jackpot! Wish our Chicago Walgreen's offered something this healthy. Oh well, when in Vegas I guess. ;) 

I owe a HUGE thank you to my good friend Megan for taking us to the Peppermill. She went to college in Vegas and pretty much had the 411 on all the local/ classic hot spots. Ugh yea, there's a pretty good reason why this place is considered a classic. Fireside Lounge (Peppermill's back lounge) is about the most unique gem I've ever seen. Still can't get over the lighting- out of a movie. Speaking of movies, apparently the movie Casino was filmed there as well?!? Amaze. 

Have a wonderful weekend yogi's!