Wynn Vegan in Vegas- Part 1

When in Vegas, you must head to the Wynn/ Encore for vegan fare. A little birdie told me (ChicagOm Yoga) Mr. Steve Wynn is vegan and...apparently offers a vegan menu at all of his restaurants. SAY WHAT?! Yup, birdie was right. This might be old news to those vegans who visit vegas often, but either way, I was all about it. I know, I know. There are plenty of nice hotels and restaurant that can easily whip up vegan upon request, but there's something special when a hotel makes vegan food SUPER available on every menu. 
Why do Mojito's taste so damn good? I can't tell if I'm being fooled by the sugar or if it's the way fresh mint leaves taste. Either way, this drink never disappoints- except the morning after. ;) 
My in-room vegan breakfast arrived looking crazy delicious, but sadly had NO taste. None. Wahh. Pretty crazy because everything else vegan I experienced at the hotel (you'll see in the next post) was AMAZING. 

More fun Vegas posts to come. Have a great day yogi's! :)