Cold Drinks (swim-up bar not available)

So cold, so cold. Me so cold! Really wishing I was somewhere warm right now. Hawaii, Mexico, Florida, heck I'll go anywhere with a swim-up bar and tropical drinks. Too bad that's not an option for this little yogi. Tropical drinks in River North however, well that actually is an option (Three Dots & A Dash). 

I LOVE handcrafted cocktails, boat drinks and anything with lots of "fresh" and or "muddled" ingredients. Whenever I say something like that, my husband usually follows with "Oh so you're a fan of the $25 cocktail... Hmm, sounds awesome". Well yes, it is awesome Matt. Maybe not the price tag, but fresh drinks are fun and all about the experience. This clip pretty much sums up how much fun I had with my girlfriends (female version of course) sipping on Island drinks in River North. ;) Have a great day yogi's!