Paris Vegan

Lots of people told me it would be hard to find vegan food in Paris. Not true. Well, I guess if you spend most of your time by all the touristy stuff like Champs-Élysées and the Eiffel Tower, then yes, it's very challenging. Don't get me wrong, there's plenty of vegetarian options in those areas, but not as much vegan unless you plan on customizing. I of course had to put my tourist hat on here and there to experience the "Paris must haves" (crepes, macaroons, etc.), but overall I think I didn't pretty dang good for being mostly vegan in Paris. :) 
I did a little research and learned the 11th & 12th district seem to offer a variety of vegan and or vegan friendly restaurants. There was one restaurant in particular I read about (amazing food photos) that seemed to be just what I was looking for- you'll see soon. On my way through the Notre Dame area, I walked past my first vegetarian restaurant! Pretty cool.
Fresh fruit & vegetables EVERYWHERE you look.
The closer I got to my final destination, the more vegan restaurants appeared.  
I finally made it to Gentle Gourmet Cafe and let me tell you it was well worth the walk. Gorgeous, delicious, and unique vegan dishes- go Paris! Ugh,I so wish I would have planned it better, because I would have loved to have tried their breakfast or dinner menu. I mean, just look at what else they offer

Even though I didn't make it to very many vegan restaurants in Paris, I am happy to report there are plenty in the city- you just need to explore like a local to find one. ;) 

Something else that impressed me in Paris (I mean aside from everything), was the kick butt restaurant in the airport. Yes, in the airport. Sadly my camera died and I was only able to capture a few shots with my phone so...sorry these pics aren't very pretty. Regardless, it was the best airport food I've ever had. Freakn delicious and so damn fresh! 

au revoir yogi's!