Vegan & Gluten Free Cupcakes

Getting your hands on "fresh" vegan cupcakes in Chicago is pretty easy. When it comes to finding a vegan & gluten-free cupcake combo, well that's an entirely different story. Majority of the gluten-free cupcakes I've had were either super dense, tasteless, or solid as a rock. No bueno. 

While running errands in Lincoln Park, I decided to take a break and cure my sweet tooth. I knew Swirlz made vegan cupcakes (Whole Foods has them), but I had NO idea they made vegan & gluten free cupcakes! This discovery left me no choice but to order all three flavors. Oh my yogi, Swirlz has created the perfect recipe! These cupcakes are freakn awesome- perfect taste and texture! [cupcake dance- whatever that looks like]

Can't wait to force my non-vegan friends to go try them with me. :) 

Have a great day yogi's!