Jump into summer!

Tanya and I decided to take advantage of the gorgeous weather this weekend and stroll over to the lovely Oak Street Beach Food & Drinknever visited after they renovated the restaurant & bar years ago. 

I'm a huge fan of Oak Street Beach because it's a little more chill than North Ave. Man, did they ever renovate the bar and grill!? I felt like I was stepping onto a patio bar in Florida with some pretty sick views of the ocean. Seriously gorgeous. 

I was super excited to order a fresh mojito and some veggie tacos, but when we went to order, the bartender told us they ran out of ice and that the kitchen was super backed up. NOoooooo!!! Oh well, no biggie, this yogi came to chill. We ended up ordering what was available- strawberry daiquiri's and chips & guac. Not that bad of an option. I must say, the chips & guac were freak'n delicious so if that's any indication of how the rest of the menu tastes, I'll be back for those veggie tacos sometime very soon. Try your hardest to visit Oak Street Beach Food & Drink this summer. The Florida beachfront feel won't disappoint. Have a great week yogi's! :)