Fingertip Fetish

You may not remember former Disney star Adrienne Bailon because you are probably way past your Disney watching days (unless you have young ones). However, Adrienne is up to something very cool and I'm a new fan of this product. How cute is she?

"As animal lovers, we are proud to announce that all of our products are 100% vegan, and you can be confident that we use no animal testing in development or production. Also, while fashion may sometimes come before comfort, it should never come before health! Our products are made without harmful or toxic chemicals like DBP (look it up! It is nasty.) or formaldehyde. We make sure our paints are not only packed with style but also live up to our unwavering principles so you can breath easy knowing that your latest look was made with nothin’ but love." -Adrienne

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Graphic Design Courtesy of: yours truly ;)