Chasing waterfalls in La Fortuna

After a delicious breakfast at Royal Corin, we headed for a short drive to explore La Fortuna Waterfall

The hike down can take anywhere from 15-30 minutes depending how fast you go. We stopped to take pictures along the way so our hike was about 25 minutes.

Matt wasted no time jumping in! I made him strike a yoga pose (Adho Mukha Vrksasana) for me. :) 

We were pretty hungry after our hike and decided to hit up the La Fortuna area for lunch. 

There's plenty of places to grab lunch in La Fortuna, but I was craving Mexican (sorry Costa Rica) so we walked around and tried to find a place that offered some variety. 

After a nice walk through town we found Rancho Perla. It was perfect. Aside from their Costa Rican and Meixcan menu items, they also offered a decent selection of vegetarian options. I ordered my entree without crema or queso. ;)  

After lunch we headed back to our hotel to grab drinks and soak in the hot springs. 

There's a great little lounge at the top of the hotel which for some reason never seem to have a crowd. It worked out well for us as you can see- had the place all to ourselves. 

Matt decided we should have dinner at the hotel for our last night and made arrangements with the restaurant prior so they could prepare a lovely vegan course for us. Wow, great job chef! Dinner was freakn awesome, so fresh and flavorful. Cheers to Royal Corin!