Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica

After a short and bumpy ride, we arrived to Sky Adventures. I can't stop smiling when I think of this place. Sky Adventures is amazing and offers the most safe and fun experience EVER! Our hotel recommended them and we're seriously so thankful they did. 

Here's where I start getting nervous. You have no idea how high this really is. 

When I asked "so how fast will I go amigo", he told me "50 mile per hour amiga". Say what friend?! At that moment all I could thing about was either the line snapping (because I'm so heavy) or my harness breaking (because I'm so heavy) and falling to my death (because I'm a scaredy cat). 

This is a very fake smile. I'm flipping out and my heart is about to jump out of my chest. Did I mention I forgot everything they told me about how to stop?! Scared, scared, scared. Bad yogi, stay focused and just breath. 

As you can tell I didn't die. In fact it was just the opposite. I LIVED and it was incredible. Sooo fast and breathtaking. Of all the videos we watched from other tours, this tour seem to be the highest and the fast around. My heart agrees. ;) 

After zip lining we took a gorgeous two hour hike through with a very fun group and an incredible tour guide. It rained towards the end of the hike (really, it rains in the rain forest) which was pretty magical because we were sheltered by all the trees. 

Another huge highlight of the day was grabbing lunch at Chill Out Restaurant. My favorite restaurant from our entire trip. The funny thing about this restaurant was that we read all about it online, but couldn't find their website or much about the location. We kinda gave up on it as a place to visit while in La Fortuna. 

When we pulled up to Sky Adventures for the day, Matt was like "I think that's Chill Out Restaurant up there, looks like the pictures we saw online". My mouth dropped, because the freakn restaurant was in the Sky Adventures lodge! WHAT THE WHAT!? 

Oh my yogi, this place was amazing. The food was incredible and the view, auhh to die for. Our adorable server said on a clear day you can see the top of the volcano and everything around it. He also said this was the place to eat dinner when the volcano was active (yikes x 1,000,000). I thought the view was just perfect was our colorful veggie lunch! We really felt bad for all the tour groups that had to rush onto their buses and miss this spectacular place.