Really good people and really good food!

Before I get into how awesome this place is, I first have to say THANK YOU to the staff at Blind Faith Cafe. I got so wrapped up in how good the food was, I walked out and left my camera under the table. Dumbo!! As you can see below, I got my camera back, but it's only because there are some really good people out there. Thank you again!

Alright now on to the food. My girlfriend Megan has been telling me about this place for quite sometime. She's a total native when it comes to Evanston and since it's obviously not far from the city, we hit it up this past weekend. 

Megs was totally right, this place is awesome and the food is delicious. Whether your a vegetarian or a vegan, this place has plenty of options. Megan ordered this super awesome salad and Marci Darci and I decided to go big and get the burrito. I changed my burrito up a bit and skipped the cheese and sour cream. When something has avocado in it, it's easy to skip the cheese, because avocado is already super creamy on its own. Realized this when I watched Rip Esselstyn make a creamy salad dressing using avocado. To keep my burrito big and full of the good stuff, I asked them to replace the cheese with spinach and red peppers. BAM! 

Can't wait to go back and try the Thai Peanut Noodles. The girl at the table next to us ordered it and it looked awesome. Have a great day yogi's! :)