Yoga Girl & The Goat

A small group of us headed to the West Loop this past Friday to catch our 8:30pm reservation at the amazing Girl & The Goat. My husband's friend Jackie made the reservation a little over a month ago which only shows this place hasn't slowed down since they opened in 2010.  

Earlier that evening I decided to browse the menu and see if they offered any vegan items. I ate there a few years ago, but was mostly a vegetarian then so I obviously wasn't paying attention to anything vegan. My eyes completely lit up when I saw a bunch of vegan small plates on the menu! Yah, go Stephanie Izard!! I immediately called the restaurant to let them know there would be 1 vegan in our party. They were super nice about it and said "great, we have a special vegan menu. I'll let your server know". WOW. Let's just say I was more than pumped for dinner. 

We arrived to a very busy restaurant and after a few drinks at the bar, we were seated. Our server was fantastic and gave me a total run down of the vegan menu. She pointed out her favorite items and went into detail on which would work depending on what I was in the mood for. I decided to go with the Roasted Cauliflower, Kohlrabi Salad, and Mushroom Ragout. All were absolutely delicious and super flavorful. I honestly loved all the small plates, but if I had to pick a favorite, I'd say it was the Mushroom Ragout. I got really tipsy off the wine and forgot to get a picture of the bread (it was vegan) and Roasted Cauliflower. Sorry yogi's. I don't think my pictures do this food any justice so if you can, please experience the delicious small plates for yourself- you won't be disappointed. Have a great short week yog's! :)