Shiver Over the Shimmer

Buying a great self-tanner is pretty easy. There are plenty to choose from and most of the products I’ve used do a really good job of giving me substantial fake tan. 

These days I’ve been trying to buy more all-natural products and because of that, I decided maybe I should do the same when it comes to what I spray and slather on my skin. There are plenty of all-natural, organic self-tanners out there, but of all the articles I read, there were two that kept coming up as most popular- Lavera Glow & Go and Chocolate Sun.

Of the two, I decided to try Chocolate Sun; an organic, all-natural sunless retail/boutique based in Santa Monica and Beverly Hills (sadly no retailers in Chicago- wahh). Their product was a bit more expensive, but seemed to work very well. Lavera also sounds like a great product and I still plan to try it, but need to go through my Chocolate Sun first. ;) 

Chocolate Sun has two very popular self-tanners, Coco Glow (cult classic for light and medium skin tones) and Absolute Sun (for the experienced tanner seeking the "vacation look"). As an experienced spray and self-tanner, I decided to go with the Absolute Sun. I ordered the product through Spirit Beauty Lounge vs. going directly through Chocolate Sun. Some happy consumers reported that SPL offers fast, free shipping, and...complimentary samples of their other products.  

I got my package just a few short days after placing my order! Yah! I opened my Coco Glow right away and was dying to smell it. If it passed the initial smell test, it would surely be a good sign. OH-MY-YOGI, it smelled freakn amazing, like rich dessert straight from a pastry kitchen. I've never smelled self- tanner like this before. Cool, but different for sure. 

That night I applied one coat of the tanner to my right leg. Not only was I already sold on the all-natural ingredients and smell, but I also fell in love with the fact that it didn’t leave my skin super sticky after applying. In the morning I hopped out of bed like a crazy person and checked my leg. Color! Very natural looking color might I add. I was anxious to see what a darker shade would look like so of course I applied a second coat. Here’s what the second coat looked liked after just a few hours! Yah, gorgeous faux glow! 

Of course there are other ways to achieve a gorgeous Winter glow. Here are just a few: exfoliate, lather up, stay hydrated, and dress comfortably. Have a great rest of the day yogi's! :)