Got some bad news little guy

I know majority of processed foods do not contain all that's advertised on the box- especially breakfast food. However, if you have pictures of real fruit on the front of your box, I would expect there to be s-o-m-e real fruit in there. I mean, a tiny bit right? Special K Fruit & Yogurt Cereal, really? I use to eat this before I cut out dairy. WTH? If the description contains the word "flavor", there's a very strong chance it doesn't contain any real fruit. It more than likely contains a bunch of sugar and you guessed it, food color. How awful is that?! I hate knowing I grew up eating some of this crap for breakfast. Well, it's okay little yogi, be happy that's no longer the case. Checkout the full story and video here

Fresh fruit goes fast in our house. Either because we eat it up fast or it goes bad. I've been trying these days to keep a bag of frozen berries in the freezer at all times. So far it's worked really well and especially on the days when we have no fresh fruit in the house. I'll either pour a small bowl of frozen berries into my morning Vitamix shake or let a bowl sit overnight in the fridge. I love to watch the soft berries turn my almond milk berry pink. No food coloring in this bowl of cereal! Have a great morning. :)