Crafty Christmas Gift

I've always been a huge fan of crafts, especially when I was a kid. Nothing was better than using up 3 rolls of scotch tape to make a paper house. 

Being an aunt is pretty awesome and one of my favorite things to do with my niece and nephew is crafts. Sadly the kids have grown up since this picture and I've been forced to get creative on how to keep some of our craft time alive. 
This is Natalie now and boy oh boy is she a nut. For the past few years Natalie has been a very loyal customer to the cult girl's clothing store Justice. Well loyal, until just recently that is. She told me the other day that she no longer wants any clothes or gift cards from Justice and that she doesn't like that store anymore. Like a normal aunt, I said "well auh okay, what's your new favorite store then?" She said "Nordstroms!" WHAT?!?! KID YOUR CRAZY! That's my favorite store and I have a hard enough controlling myself there. Anyway, Natalie is at the age where fashion is super fun and having something different from her girlfriends is big priority. 

If you are looking for a unique gift to get your stylish niece or little cousin this holiday season, consider the book P.S. I MADE THIS. I absolutely love the book and follow the blog. Yes, "I" love it too, it's for all ages. There are so many super cool fashion crafts that would make your mouth drop. Here are just a few examples of what you and your little fashionista can whip up. Have a great week yogi's. :)