Bathroom cleaning without harsh chemicals

I've been looking for new ways to clean the bathroom and avoid all the toxic chemicals we currently use. So last night I surfed the internet and found some great "how to green clean" your bathroom without toxic chemicals. Majority of the articles I found mentioned baking soda and vinegar as the main ingredient to battle soap scum and mildew. Well check, check, because I had both under the sink.

Soap Scum
I decided to start my bathroom cleaning by attacking the soap scum and mixing up "scum-busting paste". The paste worked great and really acted like a scrub. I didn't add salt like another article suggested, but if I have thicker soap scum in the future, I will definitely try it.

Mildew & Mold
Once I rinsed the tub, I then moved to attacking the build up and mildew. To keep with the green theme, I washed out an empty Windex spray bottle (love the way it sprays) and decided to make it my new Mildew Mist Away Cleaner. I filled the bottle up with vinegar and some fresh little lemon juice. After spraying the entire tub and surrounding tile, I let it sit for 10 minutes, and then scrubbed everything down with a stiff brush. The vinegar and lemon juice worked great and didn't leave me choking like bleach normally does during the cleaning process.

If you have a chance, pick up some tea tree oil and add it to your homemade mildew cleaner. It will act as a really nice disinfectant.

Happy Monday! :)