A fierce hairy eyeball always does the trick!

Marci and I had a super early return flight home from Michigan to O'Hare on Sunday. I ended up taking the Blue Line to Logan Square and had my sweet hubby pick me up. After tossing my overpacked suitcase into the car, Matt suggested we go grab breakfast somewhere. I pulled out my phone and hopped on Yelp. After reading some great reviews, I begged him to take me to Delicious Cafe on the North Side. He didn't immediately jump for joy as I'm sure he was thinking "great, another vegan hipster joint, yaahhh". Since it wasn't up for discussion, I decided to move his decision along by giving him a fierce hairy eyeball. Suddenly, he smiled (with fear) and said "what's the address babe". Then off we went!  

This place is adorable and super cozy. Their menu is small, but they offer a lot of tasty options. We decided to get a muffin and two breakfast sandwiches. The woman working suggested we get the "deluxe" so we took her advice and ordered it. Oh my guru, the breakfast sandwich was amazing! We both took ours down so damn fast. Although we each could have easily eaten a couple more, we were pleasantly full and decided to end our perfect little breakfast there. Hit up Delicious Cafe when you can. If anyone gives you trouble, you know what to do! :)